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YouTube grabber for macos

PříspěvekNapsal: 14 kvě 2010 23:43
od CobraMacos
Just to share an expirience:
I digg a solution to download youTube movies. Some of are webs where you put a link from YouTube and it gives you file with strange extension and small size. Some are really complicated.
My way was to use moviesherlock ( or sm like this - please ask me - will rememeber). Really simple utility, that just works, and only 1 button in software.
I downloaded it from here: ... ?tag=mncol.
I downloaded even HD movies!

But it looks too simple, has no player, but just works. It downloaded ~12 concurrent movies for me and actually slows down my system. Its possible to do search in moviesherlock ( and search results differs from what you see in YouTube. Thats strange.
Who knows - youtube results are different for same text? I likes cat (Simons cat / dog).
Why doesn't youtube allows to download its movies without external tools?!! It actually sucks!

Thanks in advance!